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Casey Hibbard

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Have you ever had a conversation with someone and said, "for example," and proceeded to offer an anecdote to illustrate your point? That's what a customer case study should be - an example, a case in point to shed light on the topic of conversation. Just as anecdotes don't stand alone in conversations, customer anecdotes shouldn't stand alone on your website. Too often, you find them buried on vendor websites, under isolated headings like "Resources." To get them into the "conversation" on your website, ensure customer stories and case studies are connected directly with talk of your products, services or solutions. Include links right on those capabilities pages, as your "for example." This week, I came across a great execution of customer stories as "for example" pieces. EffectiveUI, a Denver-based user experience agency, connects customer examples directly with ... (more)

Don’t Miss This Social Media Event

Get the Flash Player to see this banner. var s1 = new SWFObject("http://www.whitepapersource.com/images/SocialMedia-300x300.swf","mediaplayer","300","300","8"); s1.addVariable("myURL", "http://www.socialmediasummit10.com/"); s1.write("confbanner");   A few months ago, Michael Stelzner (the guy who wrote the book on white papers) approached me about being a contributor to a new site he was founding, Social Media Examiner. Since then, I’ve had the chance to feature social media case studies on companies like IBM, Domino’s Pizza and Avaya. But the Social Media Examiner site itself ... (more)

Ode to the Sound Bite in Customer Case Studies

Mark Twain is said to have called it, "a minimum of sound to a maximum of sense." Who else could so perfectly provide such a sound bite describing sound bites? If a customer story is the most powerful evidence of a customer's experience, then the customer's own quoted comments are the jewels in that crown. They sparkle and stand out above the rest of the story. Often, it's all the viewer or reader may remember, so they better be good. In Writing In a written customer case study or success story, sound bites are best highlighted as "pull quotes." They are literally pulled out of th... (more)

Seven Ways to Encourage Customers to Be Case Studies

From startups to global enterprises, every company struggles at times with getting customers to go on record. Here are some ideas in practice at companies today for encouraging customers to be featured:  1.    Access and involvement-Surprisingly, the #1 thing customers want is access and involvement-access to your execs and involvement in your product/service roadmap. Generate ways for your top customers to interact with your organization on a deeper level. 2.    Co-marketing campaigns-Create a few co-marketing campaigns for the customers you most want to feature. The focus: Ho... (more)

A ready-to-use case study – How long does it take?

In the discussion about customer case studies, one question comes up over and over: How long does it take to get a case study done? How many days or weeks are needed to get a completed, approved customer story in hand and ready to use? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t that easy. On average, I would say about one month. BUT, it really depends on the part of the process that makes customer stories different from other marketing projects – the review and approval phase. From the time you interview the customer to completing the draft, video or audio might be a couple of weeks. Then... (more)